We Have Amazing Blowouts and Makeup Specials

Blowout Special: Buy 4 blowouts and get 1 free! Save $45! Deal end December 16th (blowouts have no deadline.)
Party Special: Get a blowout and makeup and save 20%.
Open New Year’s Eve: book now for your New Year’s Eve and Make up blow out. Normally $105 for only $85.

Three ways we are celebrating the holidays with you
• 5 Blowouts for the price of 4
• 20% for your Makeup and Blowouts
• Open on New Year’s Eve

What is your fabulous?

We all do it–look at Vogue secretly wishing that we could sport those heels, that dress, that jacket? We used to do it, dress up for play, then dress up for the dance, and THEN dress up for the date, and sadly then somewhere it became “I don’t have anything to wear”.  I will just put on some yoga pants…
Well “dahling” (as my mom would say) let’s do something about it.  Invite a friend over (one who will be honest and might have a slight clue about wearing clothes…) Take the time to go through your closet and get RID of clothes that don’t do anything for you. Buy some books on how to dress — One of my favorites is What Not To Wear (http://www.trinnyandsusannah.com) by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine…  It is my bible of what I wear!  Best buy that you will ever make.
Then go shopping.  You don’t have to drop a pretty penny on shopping, go consignment or resale and be PICKY!  ‘Cause you are worth being fabulous!
Don’t have a clue what to shop for? Start with the foundation and then build from here.  I like Clinton Kelly’s list of the top 10 items that every secretly fabulous woman should wear. OR, call the salon for a makeover, head to toe… wardrobe, hair and make up — we have the team to do it.

Are You the Right Type for Extensions??

Extensions can look bad, fake, or trashy. Things like clips peeking out, the extension hair color doesn’t quite match yours, or the extensions that are too long; are telltale signs of bad and cheap extensions. That’s why it is important to work with a trained stylist who knows how to do extensions. When done correctly, they look completely natural and solve many problems that one might have with her hair:

You want a confidence boost. Longer, fuller, shinier locks are a sign of youth. As we age, our hair thins. Similar to a great blowout or a killer pair of shoes, hair extensions can give you a little pep in your step.

You want to change up your look. Bored with your strands? Extensions allow you to experiment with color without bleaching your hair. “Clip in one pink streak for the night or try ombre without frying or permanently altering your style,” suggests Edda Coscioni, Lead Stylist.

You want to grow out a bob or have broken and damaged hair. If you have a short cut that you’re desperate to grow out; or damaged hair that won’t grow, extensions will instantly add length and ease your frustration. “It’ll help get you to that ponytail stage,” says Edda.

We are Part of the Top Ten in Lincoln Park

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and many end up finding a good salon with a talented stylist. But how many also find a luxurious and cozy salon that tends to you and makes you feel swept away from your daily cares?

We pride ourselves on all of these. We are delighted that many of you voted that way too. We are now the “Best Place to Get Fit and Refreshed in Lincoln Park.”

Come, enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee or tea to your liking, be enfolded by our staff with laughter and lightness. Have your hair colored by a master colorist, brows by a master make-up artist, nails painted with great care. You will be taken into our candle-lit shampoo sanctuary and shampooed while drifting off to the sound of our fountain, chimes and spa music. Your cut will be done by master cutters and styled to capture your beauty. We make you feel cozy while you are here, and have you leave feeling fabulous.

Check out what people are talking about make your appointment now.

Can Losing Sleep Make You Loose Your Hair?

Are those sleepless nights giving you more than bags under you eyes, and boosting your caffeine consumption?  There are some new studies that are connecting sleep apnea with hair loss… Apnea batters blood capillaries that supply nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles. If scalp capillaries become damaged, then so do you chances of healthy hair growth. If you are living with apnea then your scalp isn’t only suffering indirect oxygen starvation through damaged capillaries but also directly – apnea breathlessness can last anywhere from a few seconds to over a minute, and remember this can happen hundreds of times through course of a nights sleep. The climb in blood pressure also has a knock on effect which can be equally as damaging to hair and health.

R U A Ponytail Junky?!?

Face it; you are an addict, a junky.  You are hooked and it isn’t anonymous. Everyone sees it, every day.  Your ponytail is your smack; your headband, your crack.  You are under the influence of your hairclip.  I understand how; it’s morning, and you’re just trying to get out the door, and your jones-ing for a hairband… anything… just make the hair go away.

But it’s time to intervene. Today you take your first step: admit it; you are helpless against the hairband.  It takes a little more effort to have that “runway ponytail” that you see in the magazines, and you can no longer sport the “20-something-sloppy-bun-on-the-top-of-your-head.” DAMN!

KNOW THIS, if your find yourself putting your hair in a ponytail all the time, then your haircut is NOT working for you. Book your appointment and work with your stylist to create a flattering and low maintenance style.  You CAN look beautiful, sassy, coiffed. You just need some intention, direction (and a little intervention — come let Natural Elements give you a make over.)