Are You the Right Type for Extensions??

Extensions can look bad, fake, or trashy. Things like clips peeking out, the extension hair color doesn’t quite match yours, or the extensions that are too long; are telltale signs of bad and cheap extensions. That’s why it is important to work with a trained stylist who knows how to do extensions. When done correctly, they look completely natural and solve many problems that one might have with her hair:

You want a confidence boost. Longer, fuller, shinier locks are a sign of youth. As we age, our hair thins. Similar to a great blowout or a killer pair of shoes, hair extensions can give you a little pep in your step.

You want to change up your look. Bored with your strands? Extensions allow you to experiment with color without bleaching your hair. “Clip in one pink streak for the night or try ombre without frying or permanently altering your style,” suggests Edda Coscioni, Lead Stylist.

You want to grow out a bob or have broken and damaged hair. If you have a short cut that you’re desperate to grow out; or damaged hair that won’t grow, extensions will instantly add length and ease your frustration. “It’ll help get you to that ponytail stage,” says Edda.