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R U A Ponytail Junky?!?

Face it; you are an addict, a junky.  You are hooked and it isn’t anonymous. Everyone sees it, every day.  Your ponytail is your smack; your headband, your crack.  You are under the influence of your hairclip.  I understand how; it’s morning, and you’re just trying to get out the door, and your jones-ing for a hairband… anything… just make the hair go away.

But it’s time to intervene. Today you take your first step: admit it; you are helpless against the hairband.  It takes a little more effort to have that “runway ponytail” that you see in the magazines, and you can no longer sport the “20-something-sloppy-bun-on-the-top-of-your-head.” DAMN!

KNOW THIS, if your find yourself putting your hair in a ponytail all the time, then your haircut is NOT working for you. Book your appointment and work with your stylist to create a flattering and low maintenance style.  You CAN look beautiful, sassy, coiffed. You just need some intention, direction (and a little intervention — come let Natural Elements give you a make over.)