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Are you passionate about your craft? Do you care about doing your very best for your client and for your team.
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“Salon EDDA is passionate about creating an environment that provides a rich, authentic and professional experience that brings out the essential YOU for our clients and for our staff. At Salon EDDA we foster the growth of our employees and our clients to become their best.”

– Edda Coscioni // Owner


At Salon EDDA, we believe:
Client satisfaction is everything.
In always doing the right thing (aka karma)
Our results matter more than what we promise.
In the power of one team.
It is not what you do, it is how you do it.


If you embody our foundational values, and want to be part of a salon where these values are the core to how we do business – apply now!

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Care and Love:

We are a team that truly cares for each other. No one member of our team is any better than anyone else. We treat everyone with respect and mutuality. There is no room for gossip or mistreatment of ANY staff member ever.


Service is one of the most beautiful ways one can make a difference. Each member of our team is here to serve the client, team members, the management, and the business. We give our best in each case and are better for it.

Learning and Growing:

We are always learning and engaging in our growth. We always assess our current outcomes to see how we can learn from them and do better. Formal education is just one of the many ways that each staff member is engaged in becoming the best at what they do.

Teamwork and Collaboration:

We are a team first and foremost. We support each other to be our best; making each day uplifting and satisfying. We talk through concerns or conflicts with the intention to resolve them.

Honesty and Integrity:

We are sincere and honest. We believe that good business and a great workplace is built on being straightforward and integrous. We believe that results and substance matter more than flash and pretentiousness.


We strive to be our best. A focus on humility builds integrity in our craft and in how we work together. It also provides a beautiful foundation for creating new possibilities as well as powerful conversations to make the most of everything we do.


We love coming to work and being with each other. We work hard and we play hard. We find joy in our comradery and bring that to striving to do our best for each other and for the client.