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What is your fabulous?

We all do it–look at Vogue secretly wishing that we could sport those heels, that dress, that jacket? We used to do it, dress up for play, then dress up for the dance, and THEN dress up for the date, and sadly then somewhere it became “I don’t have anything to wear”.  I will just put on some yoga pants…
Well “dahling” (as my mom would say) let’s do something about it.  Invite a friend over (one who will be honest and might have a slight clue about wearing clothes…) Take the time to go through your closet and get RID of clothes that don’t do anything for you. Buy some books on how to dress — One of my favorites is What Not To Wear (http://www.trinnyandsusannah.com) by Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine…  It is my bible of what I wear!  Best buy that you will ever make.
Then go shopping.  You don’t have to drop a pretty penny on shopping, go consignment or resale and be PICKY!  ‘Cause you are worth being fabulous!
Don’t have a clue what to shop for? Start with the foundation and then build from here.  I like Clinton Kelly’s list of the top 10 items that every secretly fabulous woman should wear. OR, call the salon for a makeover, head to toe… wardrobe, hair and make up — we have the team to do it.

R U A Ponytail Junky?!?

Face it; you are an addict, a junky.  You are hooked and it isn’t anonymous. Everyone sees it, every day.  Your ponytail is your smack; your headband, your crack.  You are under the influence of your hairclip.  I understand how; it’s morning, and you’re just trying to get out the door, and your jones-ing for a hairband… anything… just make the hair go away.

But it’s time to intervene. Today you take your first step: admit it; you are helpless against the hairband.  It takes a little more effort to have that “runway ponytail” that you see in the magazines, and you can no longer sport the “20-something-sloppy-bun-on-the-top-of-your-head.” DAMN!

KNOW THIS, if your find yourself putting your hair in a ponytail all the time, then your haircut is NOT working for you. Book your appointment and work with your stylist to create a flattering and low maintenance style.  You CAN look beautiful, sassy, coiffed. You just need some intention, direction (and a little intervention — come let Natural Elements give you a make over.)